Back Door Man

Back Door Man (2009)

A collaboration with Los Munditos for the TIGSource Adult/Education Competition. Guide a male prostitute through a crazy night in Miami as he services three clients.

WARNING: Contains strong language and sexual situations.

The Crackwell Legacy

The Crackwell Legacy (2007)

A collaboration with Davy Stedham and a parody of Wadjet Eye Games' The Blackwell Legacy. Play as Rosa Crackwell as she tries to solve life's greatest mystery: Where did she put the crack?! Download the game and find out!

WARNING: This game is extremely crude and offensive, but it's pretty funny.

Crackwell Unhinged

Crackwell Unhinged (2011)

A collaboration with Peter Gresser and Matt Gardner, it's the sequel/prequel to The Crackwell Legacy and parody of Wadjet Eye Games' Blackwell Unbound. Play as Lauren Crackwell, a strung out crack-whore in 1984 New York City, as she deals with her daily struggles, mainly finding her next fix!

WARNING: This game is also extremely crude and offensive, but it's also pretty funny.

Little Girl in Underland

Little Girl in Underland (2008)

A collaboration with Lively Ivy Studios for the TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition. What if the Soviets had gotten their hands on and made a knockoff bootleg of American McGee's Alice? Download the game and find out!

WARNING: Contains bad Russian stereotypes.

Spaceman in Space

Spaceman in Space (2012)

A collaboration with Ben Chandler for the Monthly Adventure Game Studio (MAGS) competition. He is the Spaceman! He is in Space!

WARNING: Contains extremely awful puns and silliness.